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Te Set | Rainbow Unicorn

Te Set | Rainbow Unicorn

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Introducing the enchanting 18-Piece Rainbow Unicorn Tin Tea Mug Set in its whimsical suitcase, a magical ensemble that brings the wonder of unicorns and rainbows to your child's imaginative tea parties! This delightful set features a stunning illustration of a majestic unicorn amidst vibrant rainbows, creating an atmosphere of enchantment and fantasy.

Crafted to inspire delightful pretend play, this set is perfect for hosting fantastical tea gatherings with family, friends, or your child's beloved toys. It includes all the essentials for a magical tea affair: 4 charming tea mugs, 4 dainty plates, a lovely tea pot adorned with a lid, a sugar pot with its own lid, a delightful creamer, and additional enchanting accessories, all neatly packaged in a captivating suitcase.

 Created by Kaper Kidz, this tin tea set isn't just a toy; it's a gateway to creativity and social interaction. Encourage your child to curate their own magical tea parties, fostering moments of joy and imagination. However, please note that while this tea set resembles real tea service items, it's designed for play and is not suitable for containing hot liquids or food. Watch as the 18-Piece Rainbow Unicorn Tin Tea Mug Set becomes a centerpiece of delightful make-believe, inspiring your child to embark on whimsical journeys filled with laughter, storytelling, and endless enchantment in their own imaginative world!

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