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Silicone Animal Bath Brush Set

Silicone Animal Bath Brush Set

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Transform bath time into an enjoyable and practical experience with the Silicone Animal Bath Shower Brush Set from Koala Dream. This adorable 2-piece set features a yellow lion and blue octopus that double as bath brushes and water squirters, adding both fun and functionality to your child's bath routine.

Use these cute animal brushes as water squirters for playful bath-time antics, or fill them with liquid soap and squeeze to distribute soap over your child's hair and body, making shampooing a breeze. The silicone brush bristles are perfect for scrubbing and shampooing, helping to remove dry skin and ensuring a thorough clean.

Crafted from high-quality silicone, these bath toys are safe, non-toxic, and free from harmful substances like BPA, providing peace of mind for parents. They are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning, making maintenance a breeze after each use.

Enhance bath time with these versatile and adorable Silicone Animal Bath Shower Brushes from Koala Dream. They are a must-have addition to your child's bath toy collection that combines entertainment with practicality.

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